Is it worth going to Snowshoe this weekend ?
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March 12, 2007
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I am wondering whether is it worth going to Snowshoe Mountain this up coming weekend 16th-18th March?

Currently, there is 36"-48" of snow (It was 54"+ a few days ago!) The temperature forecasted (from NWS) are :

Tonight : 37
Tues : 57/48
Wed : 60/41 (Shower likely)
Thurs : 57/25 (Shower/snow likely)
Fri : 36/17
Sat : 32/20
Sun : 35/21

I don't know how much snow will be gone due to warm temp and rain from Tuesday-Thursday but the temperature from Thursday 's night through Sunday 's night look really good. and of course, they will have a lot of chance to make snow but I just don't know how much snow will they make late in the season like this, any idea?

Anyway, it 's quite temping for the lodging and lift ticket price. The thing is I went to snowshoe twice this season (New year weekend and President day weekend -- both have quite less than ideal condition -- only < 30 trails were open) and both of the times, I missed the chance to ride down the Western Territory, just don't want to miss it again if I decide to go this time.

Any idea?
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 12, 2007
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With those weekend temps Snowshoe should be in great shape, with ample time to groom the hardpack caused by the midweek thaw and "underdeveloped snow".
I do not understand your comment about President's Day weekend in Feb. The conditions were great everywhere.
If you do not go this weekend you will miss the opportunity to ski at Silver Creek. Snowshoe pulls the plug on these trail early each season as the skier numbers dwindle and this is the last weekend for Silver Creek this year.
Go and ENJOY!
The Colonel
March 12, 2007
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Thanks Colonel,

Oops I actually mean MLK weekend not president day, sorry.
March 12, 2007
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Don't wait longer than this weekend if you absolutely have to go. While we could certainly have more cold weather and snow between now and early April, it's not a sure thing. I am doing my last official Snowshoe trip this weekend, and will possibly do a bonus trip if any good snow/weather pops up before the close on April 8.

I don't expect any trails to close before this weekend, but you can certainly check later in the week to see how it's going. They have a very deep base and it should survive this week's warmup OK.

Despite the warm weather this week, the weekend weather looks decent and they will even get some natural snow. It will probably be icy on Saturday after they go through a freeze-thaw cycle, but shouldn't be too bad if they groom before the snow sets up.

I have seen Snowshoe make snow as late as March 25 or so, but only at the top of the mountain to keep the village/learning area covered, or to keep a critical trail/connector open. I would not expect widespread snow making unless it makes sense for some reason. They did make snow late last week on a bunch of trails.

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