Whitetail TR - 3/9/2007
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March 9, 2007
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I hit Whitetail today for about 6 hours. Bluebird day, temps in the upper 30's for most of the daylight hours.

Conditions were decent, no doubt helped by that 6+" they got midweek. The sun was warming things up significantly though -- one skier I talked with called it "like skiing on a snow cone" -- good description!

All the blues were fast and fun with some lighter snow remaining skier's right in the shadows created by the trees. Fanciful was open, but the right side midway down is mostly gone and other parts looked thin.

Far Side and Bold Decision were sweet as usual, and the recently groomed moguls on Exhibition were small to mid sized and soft -- just right to practice on.

The temps plummeted after the sun went down and all that sun-warmed soft snow started to freeze up hard.

Good day overall. Get it while it lasts!
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