Need help identifying older Salomon EXP ski's
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March 9, 2007
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I purchased a pair of older Salomon Prolink EXP skis on Ebay last week. Item number: 120088807850. The seller listed them as EXP Power 6. They have the words "PROLINK EXP Demonstration" graphics on the tail of the skis. My ski buddy has a pair of Prolink EXPs which were the top of the line way back when. But does any Salomon pros out there know where these EXP Demonstration skis fit into the Salomon line up or were they just a one off ski?

Thanks, Brad
March 12, 2007
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Brad, looking at the pic on Ebay, these look like the normal (good) ProLinks from that year. My brother skied these and I am guessing he bought them new some time around 1996-97. The demonstration thing can mean one of a few, these were "demo" skis when the previous owner bought them (meaning they were used demo skis when she bought them) or two they were factory blems that she got on a pro form or something.

Hope this helps...
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