CV/TL trip pics.. kinda :)
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March 9, 2007
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For some of the other ski freaks like me who like to live vicariously thru trip pics, you might enjoy em. these are tues/wed.
I have more pics of the drive than skiing it seems, but for me, the drive is sweet cause its pretty much all very scenic Wed it was snowing so hard it wasnt really picture taking conditions, so there are only a few.. not to mention I was too busy skiing in the pow!
March 9, 2007
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Sweet crunchy. Thanks for the pics and story
March 9, 2007
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Nice pics! I was also surprised to see how little snow there was just a short distance out of the valley on the way home. They really must have been in the bullseye.
March 9, 2007
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I love that Pic that you took leaving Petersburg towards harman. It shows that Nice shot of the begining of the WV Alpps. Those 1st snowy MTNs you see lead up to & over the Sods. I loved all the Pics from everyone on all the threads. AWESOME!! Didn't respond to you Crunch on that MPC thing because believe it or not...CK The DC SKI one wants the ski area to be developed Me & maybe one to two other posters have been for it. This subject has been hashed..rehashed..smashed & Mashed...rehashed & Some more S--t.Ck out some of the threads...INTENSE!!...Anyway I cannot wait for another ski area in the area that has some serious verticle to get going....been out west...up north...just want to stay in WV & ski off into the sunset. If it doesn't happen I'll take my buis to VT & NH(I'm An East Coaster..all the way!) & maybe retire back in the Canaan area when my legs are so old TL & CV will seem like the back Bowls of Vail!
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