Blue Knob TR- 3/8/2007 - Epic!
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March 8, 2007
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OK, so "epic" is probably an overused term, especially for mid-atlantic resorts, but I just got back from Blue Knob and I'm still grinning.

They just had 10" of fresh, light, oh-so-soft powder the day before and all the glades were stocked full and the trails were groomed packed powder. No ice! Anywhere! (Wellll, at least in the morning.)

I hit Triple, Forever, Ditch, East Wall, Bone Yard, and Mine Shaft Glades -- something I've never been able to do before at the Knob.

East Wall was the only bad idea. Way too many small trees/brush to be easily skiable. Bone Yard and Mine Shaft coupled with Lower Shortway were just fantastic with plenty of untracked lines and foot deep powder in many areas. I was skiing some new Volkl Mantra's which proved to be awesome for these conditions.

Extrovert had honest-to-god powder on parts of it, though it had its usual ice-wall surface on the backs of all whales and moguls.

As usual crowds were non-existant so there may be some snow left for you weekenders. Go now if you want to catch the last good glade skiing of the year!
March 9, 2007
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Oooh, Mantras, drool..... I think you hit one of the rare Mid-A days where these skis are exactly in their element.
March 9, 2007
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Yeah I was impressed. They handled the soft deep snow in the glades really well. I was even able to snap them around quick enough to handle that tight valley in Ditch Glades.

I'm pretty happy with my 2 ski quiver: Volkl Allstars for steeps and groomers and Mantras for anything crazy (off piste).

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