Discounted tickets mean more $$$ for resorts
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March 6, 2007
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After reading the posts on special end of season rates, passes, etc... it's hard to see how ski areas wouldn't make $$ they otherwise wouldn't. By offering a discounted day ticket, even on a weekend, would still draw more skiers than standard prices. I was remembering when the shoe would run the cup lift on a sat-sun for a $10 or $15 lift pass. They only did it a few times, but it brought in revenues they otherwise wouldn't have had. I know that there are costs for lift ops, utilities, patrol, grooming, and other services which need to be provided if a ski area was to do that, but don't you think they could make it feasable and bring out the crowds with a little marketing advance marketing? The positive impact would be a longer ski season running into mid to late april if the snow holds up.

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