Climbing skins - a question
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March 4, 2007
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Questions for the backcountry gurus on this forum - are there different types of climbing skins for different types of setups (telemark, AT, alpine trekker+alpine skis), or can the same skins be used in all these scenarios?

What should one look for in a skin? How wide should it be compared to the width of a ski?

Finally, any advice on where to buy skins? Would Whitegrass have any available to buy?

March 5, 2007
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Same skins will work for all types of skis.
You buy the skins in different widths, and you cut them down to match the width and shape the ski you'll use them most often with. Recommended is about 1/8" shy of the edges. Most skins are somewhat adjustable in the length, but of course, that moves the narrow spot of the skin.

You can also buy straight skins that require no cutting, but offer less coverage.

White Grass does have some skins, G3s and BCAs I think.

good skin info here:
March 5, 2007
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That's just the info I was looking for!

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