Wintergreen TR 1-4 March
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bousquet19 - DCSki Supporter 
March 4, 2007
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Arrived at Wintergreen with three friends in the rain and fog on Thursday night. March 1st. We ate at The Edge and could barely grope our way back to the condo at Laurelwood. Mistook the shoulder stripe for the center stripe and almost parked in the ditch at one point. Wind, rain...and was that thunder?...overnight. Didn't look at all good for Friday.

And then Friday dawned sunny, calm and clear. We couldn't believe our good fortune. It was 40 degrees, so there were mashed potatoes in places, but the sky never looked so blue. We all had a great time, and I finally got to ski Outer Limits on Highlands. The only real trouble spot was Lower Cliffhanger where thin spots gouged yet another chunk out of my ski's base. I bade my friends goodbye around 4pm and skied into the twilight. Ice chunks by 6pm. Time to call it a day.

My wife, son and son's friend arrived Friday night and the two boys skied Saturday. It was Mardi Gras time at WG. Temperatures again hit the 40s and even brushed the 50-degree point. For some reason, my son didn't complain much about the long lines at the Blue Ridge Express lift, where most of the festivities took place. He said it had something to do with all the bikini-tops.

It was cooler today (Sunday) and time to pack. Pagamony (Dave) called just before noon, and we skied together with Skier219 (Craig) for an hour. Great runs! These were the weekend's best conditions: fine granular and a good base. There were a few icy patches, but plenty of powder to catch the edges below.

Not a bad way to greet March's arrival in the mid-Atlantic.

Carpe skiem,
March 5, 2007
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Woody, I enjoyed skiing and chatting with you and Dave today -- glad we could all meet up for a few runs. My wife and I skied until about 6pm and then headed home. It was about 29F (and dropping) when we left the mountain, and the snow was still in pretty good shape. Great day to be at Wintergreen!

pagamony - DCSki Supporter 
March 5, 2007
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Massive agreement. We arrived Saturday morning and skied 10-6 and I was worked over by the end. My daughter switched over to snowboarding a few weeks ago and can now join us on the big acorn slopes and I had a few good runs on the highlands with my son and it's not long till he passes by me. The snow (using the term loosely) was soft and grippy, but still 95% coverage and fun. There were alot of adaptive skiing heros out there showing some good form, including several blind skiers which just blows me away. When the sun went down all that churned up mush became hard choppy ice and I was not unhappy to see the highlands close so I could cruise a little on the other side. Sunday was spectacular from 9am when we started until 2pm when I left Craig - great conditions everywhere but with enough ice on clifhanger to keep me grounded - really grounded. I think Woody and Craig were probably embarrased by my form!

And get this: I never waited more than a minute or two for a lift the entire weekend, all the slopes were open - mostly wide open; is that cool or what? Get out there and ski!

We also got a great view of the lunar eclipse on saturday night.

Great to meet Woody and Craig (again) on the slopes, skiing is always better with good company.

So where did anyone else ski this weekend?

Cheers, Dave
March 5, 2007
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I think I was too busy figuring out my new skis to watch anybody else's form! (but you seemed to be doing OK to me). I finally relaxed on the PEs towards the end of the day but they kicked my butt a few times. Lot more energy in the tail than my other skis.

By the way, I put on quite a nerd show when I answered my cell before we met up. Took me two tries to get the phone open, then I realized I couldn't put the earpiece up to my ear because of that thing called the "helmet", and then of course it took a few button pushes to turn on speakerphone mode. I have done a better job communicating with cans and string!
The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 6, 2007
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Next time take off your mittens!!!!
I had a similar experence and tried to push the phone speaker between my helmet and ear...ouch. At leas you had the smarts to use the speaker.
The Colonel

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