Oh, what a weekend to be at Snowshoe!
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
March 3, 2007
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Just looked att the Snowshoe and National Weather websites...
All trails groomed, and NOAA predicts somewhere between 4 and 10 inches of snow this Sat & Sun.
Sweetness it is!
The Colonel
March 3, 2007
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I was at Snowshoe over President's Day weekend and if it was anything like the snow we got then, you're in for a real treat. On that Sunday, the two black runs at Silver Creek were ungroomed and full of thick delicious powder and nary a lift line in sight. It was incredible. That coupled with great runs on Cupp the day before and it was a vrey succesful trip.
March 4, 2007
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I skied Friday and Saturday at the Shoe. Friday, was the day after that torrential rainstorm. Almost nothing had been groomed (a few of the trail runouts leading to the lifts) and it was probably the worst skiing I've ever had at Snowshoe. The snow report said "wet snow" the surface was ice. Combine the ice with a pocked and chopped up surface (due to lack of grooming) and it was like skiing on rumble strips. It looked like it should soften up, but hadn't by noon when I had had enough of vibrating the fillings out of my teeth.

Saturday was a bit better. They made snow overnight, received a dusting of natural, and groomed. I did laps on the Western Territory all morning. It was in pretty good shape until 11 or so when Lower Cup started to get skied off. Lower Shays was still in good shape but my legs were whipped so I called it a day (have to save some energy for Utah). It tried to snow a few times during the day but it never did more than a hard flury.

Woke up this morning to pack the car for the return trip to find 6 inches of fresh and near blizzard conditions. I wish I could have stayed but I have a flight soon.
March 5, 2007
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You missed a good one on Sunday. We arrived shortly after lunch and skied until 7pm at Silver Creek. There was very soft powder to be found on the sides of the trails and nice groomed conditions in the middle. Probably my best day ever at Snowshoe. Only waited in a line once and that was at 4:30 when half the lifts shut down at SC. Today I skied Snowshoe and the conditions weren't nearly as nice...in my opinion anyways. Groomed with patches of ice in places. I'm sure you racing types would have liked it though. I'm curious if Silver Creek was the same because it's hard to imagine how conditions can change that quickly. I imagine the 60mph winds could be the culprit though.
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