Anybody heard from BAWALKER recently?
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
February 25, 2007
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Usually with the first flake of snow Brad publishes the situation in Hardy County.
Hey, Brad, you out there? What's up? Hope you are OK?
We miss hearing from you!
Your fellow DCSkier,
The Colonel
February 25, 2007
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i've always wondered about DC posters...what happened to my freind Ibotta? Or Canaan man..Gatkinsko..even snowmakers has been has JohnF..We can't get rid of RogerZ
February 26, 2007
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Don't worry, I'm still here in the same form and fashion... I think? Anyhow the last 2-3 weeks has had me on the go so much working/driving that my head is spinning. I haven't even logged into the site but a few times in the last few weeks. Even now I'm out of action with a nasty head cold. Anyone got a drill bit to help open my nose?

Anyway, yesterday (Sun) I woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow outside and around noontime when I went to shovel, we had a grand total of around 6" outside. However the snow was followed by immediate rains. It never froze as the temperature hovered around 34/35 the entire time and as my shoveling progressed, I noticed I wasn't the only one helping get snow out of the way. That 6" had turned into 3" of the HEAVIEST compacted slush there is.

Then two weeks ago, we got around 3" of snow that ended up getting boiler plate ice on top from the freezing rains that we had. That finally started melting in the last few days with the direct sunlight and warm temps in the yard.

However I had an interesting experience getting stuck in Moorefield at 7pm that Tues night when the snow/sleet/freezing rain hit. I had my Subaru and new Goodyear TripleTread tires and decided to drive on corridor h all the way back to Wardensville. Amazingly enough I did so (around 1hr 15 min or so) by going only 25mph the entire way. The road was a solid sheet of ice/snow with MAYBE half a dozen other vehicles having driven on it before me. No lines, no pavement, nothing showed. Well I made it back without ever once slipping, sliding, spinning or anything.

I will make a note. When driving across the McCauley Bridges, that was the scariest part of all. With that much ice on the bridge and with the bridge being banked as much as it is, even going 25mph I felt the car wanting to slide to the inside banking of the bridge. if there had been other cars around me, I would have simply stopped before entering the bridge and let them by before attempting it. Just be careful when driving that in bad conditions.

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