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February 24, 2007
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What are some good places to stay if I want to head up to ski Timberline and/or Canaan Valley midweek by myself for 2-3 days? Focus would be on clean/comfortable lodging but nothing fancy. Regular hotels are fine with me if there are any in the area. Don't mind staying at one of the resorts if it makes sense.

I figure I will be driving to the ski areas in the morning and day-tripping out of the back of the car, so if anyone has recommended parking locations at either resort, that would be good to know too -- the right parking spot makes life easy!

Also would be interested to hear recommendations on places to get a good meal for one.

Finally, should I just ski at one of the resorts the whole trip? Is one that much better than the other? I am an expert level skier and generally enjoy black trails but often delight in finding great blue trails with an interesting "slow line" that can be skied fast. While I like exploring different ski areas, I am more interested in geting the best skiing for the limited time I will be there.

thanks, Craig
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February 24, 2007
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This one's easy...stay at the Cannan Valley Lodge in the State Park. This year they are running a midweek anniversary special for $35 per midweek night, for both February and March stays! MAKE SURE, WHETHER YOU CALL OR MAKE THE RESERVATIONS ON LINE, THAT YOU REQUEST THE "INTERNET SPECIAL - 35TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL $35 RATE"!!! I just talked with the reservations office at Canaan to confirm that you can make the reservation and stay anytime midweek in either Feb. or March.
The lodge has tons of amenties (indoor pool, ice skating, dining room, snack bar and just outside your door lots of wildlife.They run a shuttle bus to the Canaan Valley Ski Area. You will have to drive to Timberline which is very close. Here is link to their website:
In general you can not go wrong staying there, and at these prices....!!!!
Have fun!
The Colonel
February 24, 2007
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As for good meals, I recommend Anchor Inn or Deerfield Restaurant in Canaan Valley, and Muttley's in Davis.
My personal opinion of the state park restaurants is not very high....although I understand there is a new chef at CVSP and I haven't been there to try that out.
February 24, 2007
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On either Tuesday or Wednesday the Blackwater Brewery in Davis has cheap hotwings night. You can have a bunch of wings and a delicious pint for under$10. The Purple Fiddle in Thomas has nice sandwiches/wraps in a pleasant setting. Siriani's in Davia has good pizza. The Canaan lodge has a nice breakfast buffet if you are really hungry.

Oh yeah, Canaan is selling $15 lift tickets during the week.
February 25, 2007
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Canaan Valley lodge would be perfect for you. I'd ski both areas. Canaan is cheap mid week but I think Timberline has better Expert terrain. Worth hitting them both. Ski Canaan and if you don't like it you could still go to T-line the same day and have only "wasted" $15. If you are in the valley thru Thursday night, hit up Whitegrass for their Thursday night dinner. Otherwise, Sirianni's or Muttley's in Davis, Coyote's in CV by Ski Barn (closed Tues), the pub at T-line is ok in a pinch.
February 26, 2007
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Thanks for all the info folks, I appreciate it. If we see a decent midweek snowstorm coming, I think I will try to head up there!

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