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February 20, 2007
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Hi Scott and others,

I want to open with throwing out some compliments on the site. Many people (not just Scott, but also Connie, John, etc.) are spending time contributing, and it shows. Great resource to compliment other national sites like epicski or TGR.

As I logged on to the boards today, I noticed how many of the subforums really aren't being used. Many of them haven't had posts in over a year, and others not this season.

I think for a site with our size community and a regional focus, we would be better served combining some of those boards (family skiing, ride sharing, etc.) into one. As it is, many of those topics get put into the general or local resort discussions anyway. Those who do post in the correct forum probably don't get nearly as many views, as those areas are relatively empty.

Besides the benefit of making posts easier to find, it would probably make the forums a little more user-friendly and less intimidating to newcomers.

While I have your attention, I might also add that we could use a better solution for some frequently asked questions or useful posts. Either a merging of information into a "sticky folder", where the most useful posts get their own subforum (kind of a "best-of DCSKI"), or maybe doing some heavy revising to the FAQ. How to get to snowshoe/WV comes up often, but just the other day, I needed to find off-mountain lodging at Snowshoe. I remembered seeing information on a couple of different places (Boyer motel, Hermitage, etc.) years ago on the forums, but as stuff continues to age, it's harder to find. I think maybe going back and consolidating some of those "info" threads with phone numbers, directions, etc., then moving them to a "best-of" subforum might be a great resource.
February 20, 2007
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For the "best-of-dcski" suggestion, perhaps the community here could vote on the topics to be included. I know that "driving-to-WV" is an obvious topic, but I am sure there are others that people would like to see as well. Or maybe it could be based on the frequency of certain terms used in the search feature, if those sorts of statistics are available.
February 28, 2007
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UNOWUT a table of contents, or maybe cliff notes for the Untopic might be a handy reference tool.
March 1, 2007
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uh, Jimmy, that would be a cliff novel for the untopic...

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