Less Crowded on Weekends - Liberty, WT or Roundtop
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February 16, 2007
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Ok, this is the question. We are planning on going skiing this Prez. weekend. Which one would be the LEAST crowded of these 3?

I am thinking Roundtop. What do you think? I want to avoid the craziness of Whitetail as I am taking my beginner daughter. Them out of control kids/people are my main concern. Safety, less waiting, people cutting you off, playing human bowling ball, etc.

I always go to WT and Liberty every now and then. Never been to Roundtop and I figure most people, like me, never go there

Thanks in Advance
February 16, 2007
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Without question, RoundTop is the least crowded of the 3 on the weekends. I ski Whitetail on week nights, but I always go to RoundTop when I'm skiing locally on the weekend.

Last presidents day, RoundTop didn't even run all their lifts until mid-day because of the lack of skiers

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