Skiing in Munich
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February 16, 2007
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After a long trip in some challenging places - Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. and since I missed the sweet conditions you now have in midatlantic, I will be rewarded with a week rest stop in Munich for skiing. I originally was booked thru London, but was able to make this adjustment

I have never been there before and I would welcome any advice on where to ski and how to plan for the trip. I will arrive on 3/8.

Everyone has always been so helpful here at DCSki with questions like this, I thank you all in advance for any help.
JimK - DCSki Columnist
February 16, 2007
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There are no destination-worthy ski hills in immediate Munich area, but good stuff not far away. Probably Garmisch would be easiest appreciable skiing within daily commuting distance. If you want to stay over at a ski resort and ski several continuous days I would suggest St. Anton

Will you have car or be using trains?

All approximate info:
By train 2 hours: Garmisch and ski Zugspitze, high elev, but less terrain; or Innsbruck - a city which involves commuting to nearby glacier skiing and scattering of other ski areas on outskirts of city
By train 3-4 hours: St. Anton, one of biggest and best single ski destinations in Alps, still mostly in prime condition in early March; or Kitzbuhel, classic ski town, nice, but lower elev slopes, check weather/condition before committing March visit.

Cut approx one hour off above travel times by using car.

See more here on skiing out of Munich and you might get more detailed replies to your question there too:

Also look up John Sherwood's trip reports on St. Anton and environs here on DCSki.

PS: sounds like you've been doing some challenging stuff in the service of our country and world security. Enjoy your time off.

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