Timberline Almost 100% Open
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
February 14, 2007
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I noticed that the Timberline Snow Report is now showing that all the intermediate and diamond trails are open for skiing. The only trails not open are the DDs "Off the Wall" and "The Drop", and the the "Lower Dew Drop" terrain park is not open. Now if they will only place signs and a traffic cop at the intersection mentioned by several this week as a bullet crossing nightmare.
The Colonel
February 14, 2007
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The Drop & the Wall are both opened...Been There Done that this weekend! My Better half got "Bold" & said she wanted to try the Whales on "Off the wall" Double Black Diamond Whaled up to the MAX..Unbelievable site looking down on that run! Well I went 1st & got half way down & stopped to CK her out. She was trying to keep to the sides but almost ran into the woods. She looked like she was taking off her skiis & I figured that she was going to walk down. All of a sudden with a ski & pole in one hand & reaching down for her other ski she lost her footing & started to Slide down the slope. I yelled for her to dig in with her boots but she just barreled out of control! She went wizzing past me & almost went into the trees a couple of times before stopping near the bottom of the run......She claimed that her skiis had just stuck into a snowdrift & that she was just taking them off so she could get properly situated to continue her decent...I asked her if she wanted to try it again....... well...We skied Salamander the next run!!

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