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February 10, 2007
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... I expect by Tuesday morning I will be very ill and not able to go to work. All the mets are honking for a big one ... how big? dunno. BUT ... a bunch of inches of Rockies fluffy stuff is what's expected. Does anyone want to get up a group to Whitetail or wherever?
February 10, 2007
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I'll be at Snowshoe Monday and Tuesday, hopin' to be snowed in until Wednesday.
February 12, 2007
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... I expect by Tuesday morning I will be very ill

I, too, am joining the rank of the non-skier for a while. Sprained my previously sprained ankle because I forgot to tighten my boot before skiing bumps. and just when the snow is getting better...
February 13, 2007
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snowcone, how ya feelin now? I'm feeling a little off myself, probably a full on fever by Thursday.

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