AMAZING Snow & Cold comeback
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February 8, 2007
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You all can fill in the blanks for some of your Fav areas but here are a few Stats from 3715' Canaan Vly.....3,1,-11,--12,-11,-2 are the lows the last few days! There has been 74 inches of snow the past month,42 for the last 2 weeks,& almost 20 for the last 7 days!! No end in site...Mon nite & Tue could force me to stay up in the valley an exra day...canaan area made the top of the weather channel list(lower 48) yest for the Deepest got to luv it after all the DEC blues around here!
pagamony - DCSki Supporter 
February 8, 2007
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definately good stuff.

ok, so why the alter ego - temp ?
February 9, 2007
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Cold stretch set a 26 year record for Wheeling; big storm for ALPPS Monday?
February 9, 2007
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No one can get a handle on this storm YET..Its coming. The Valley & the Alpps from SS north should stay in the all snow zone..but how much?...Yeh Mamma Nature is PISSED at the Mash...take that you Snow Diablo!...Mr. Pag I am Computer Illitarate (among other things) The Temp thing came about when I couldn't figure out how to log in as Fish on my new Laptop so I just got a new handle with a new password. Don't laugh..remember we are all created equal
Mountain Masher
February 9, 2007
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tempfishnski, I think that you're right! Mother Nature has decided to come on strong and teach guys and gals like the MM a thing or two! About the only thing that's missing here in PA is SNOW. In in Bedford Co., PA (not far from Blue Knob State Park) there's very little snow on the ground right now. At 2,600 feet (on my land) the snowpack is only about a foot and at 1,500 feet, the snowpack is less than 4 inches! With last Winter being the exception (there was NO snow on the ground at this time last year), I don't think that I've ever seen so little snow. Of course, there's plenty of snow on the ground South of here in the higher elevations of WVA and tons of snow to the North of here in Up-State NY. So, it seems that most of the snow storms have just missed South Central PA. Hopefully, we'll get some major snow accumulation before the season is over.
February 9, 2007
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Your a good Sport & your allright in my book Mr. Mash...I don't care what Jimmi says about you
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