Snow storms on the horizon?
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December 28, 2003
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It seemed like the end of Nov/First of Dec started off with a bang of storms for not only the resorts but for even regional areas in time for the holiday seasons. Anyone have predictions on when the next snow storm will hit and with how much?

The winner will get ... um... err... a free cookie!

I'm going to start it off with I'm guessing the next one will be Jan 6-8 with a 6-8" accumulation.


Roger Z
December 29, 2003
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Since I'm supposed to be returning from a trip on Jan 10 to Baltimore airport, my prediction is: ice and sleet in Baltimore on Jan 10th with airport closures, routing us to a stairway unloading ramp at Richmond in a driving rain. While we get bussed back to DC in 7 mph traffic on Jan 11 because of a sheet of ice on I-95, you all will be in WV hootin' and hollerin' on two feet of freshies.

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