T-line and Wisp special for pass holders
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February 2, 2007
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I received a letter last week from Timberline announcing that they have worked out an agreement with Wisp that offers a season pass holders a reduced lift ticket on Thursdays. I believe the amount was $15 for a day ticket or $10 for night skiing. So Wisp pass holders can ski Timberline and Timberline pass holders can ski Wisp on the cheap, but only on Thursdays. I wish they would consider making it any weekday but this being something new, they are probably going to see what the response is and go from there. We'll see. I'm glad to see resorts work together like this. There used to be a "ski the valley" ticket between Canaan and t-line, but I beleive t-line deep sixed it because they thought they were losing $$ on it. I wish they would consider working out something like they have with Wisp with Canaan as well. Anybody at t-line reading this?
February 3, 2007
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Hey Kim, i'm just back from tour, catching up on my reading . Seems to me Tline is going after CV's WV resident dealio, $15 on Thursday. I'd love to see CV counter with a lower price anytime ticket for tline passholders.

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