Snowshoe Sewer Plant: Videos and News
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January 30, 2007
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Howdy folks,

Two items:

1) Improved videos (for dial-up users too)
2) EPA condemns construction on floodplains

I finished a round of video improvements. Before, there were 2 sizes for each video: small and large. But "small" wasn't really very small; hard for dial-up users.

Now, there are 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. And the "small" versions are more amenable for dial-up users (the old "small" is the new "medium").

Here's the links to all the videos I can think of relating to this improvement:

New Big Sinkhole at the Sharp Farm
You can hear the stream running underground!

Boilholes In Action at the Sharp Farm
Oldies But Goodies

Elk River Walk
About 1/2 mile from proposed discharge point.

Also, new news from Eight Rivers Safe Development, Inc. The Environmental Protection Agency has recently issued a publication condemning construction on floodplains and karst:

EPA Condemns Construction on Floodplains and Karst

Two excerpts from the EPA's publication that caught my attention. The first concerns Evva Shelton, who has lived directly across from the proposed location for over 60 years:

"Other nontechnical factors to consider in locating a hazardous waste management facility are the people living and working around the facility, that is, the number of people, their ages, and their health."

The second excerpt:

"Engineers do not have good methods to protect hazardous waste management facilities against sinkhole collapse."

If you have any questions, just email me at Thanks, and take care. :-)


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