DCSki Survey Results: Feedback sought on format
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Scott - DCSki Editor
December 27, 2003
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Hi folks!

Hope you all have been having a good holiday season.

I'm working on putting together the results from DCSki's Annual Survey, and hope to publish them soon. One page is ready to go, showing the results for "Favorite Day Trip Resort". You can take a sneak peak at:


(None of the other pages are up yet, so the links won't work.)

If you don't mind taking a look at that page, can you let me know if the layout and results make sense? I present a graph and also a table with textual results. For categories that had a "favorite" and "second-favorite" option, I weight the scores differently (100% for favorite, 80% for second-favorite) and combine the results. I generate raw scores for the graph based on the number of respondents and this weighting. The table shows percentage of respondents. (Percentages for the combined results are trickier since some people didn't provide a second favorite resort, etc.)

Anyway, the main feedback I'm looking for is whether you like the layout of the results page. It takes some time to put together each page, so before I proceed too far I thought I'd "test the waters."


- Scott

Scott - DCSki Editor
December 27, 2003
Member since 10/10/1999 🔗
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Another question is whether it would be better to have most of the results on one page, vs. a separate page for each result. If everything was combined on one page, it would probably exclude graphical charts -- but maybe they don't add that much..
December 27, 2003
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Format looks good; yes post most critical results on one single page as you have it now ... be able to drill-down to each resort (hyperlink the resort names? Show their standings in the areas you've broken out in the lower half of the existing demo page. Takes you to their info/website , with results on a separate page. One biggie though, statistically ... list the number of respondents. The sample size is important. Put it on the header of the bar chart.

Otherwise, KUDOS!

The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
December 28, 2003
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Glad to start to see results from the survey. I know it was a major undertaking for you and DCSKI. I agree that some sense of the total voting would be beneficial in better understanding the results, as would an exact copy of the original question.
For example, there is no way that Beech Mtn. could be considered a day trip from the Washington, DC area, unless one has one's own plane. Yet it obviously received votes? Such anomalies need explanation.
Again, kudos!
The Colonel

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