1/27&28 - Telepalooza 2007 7Springs
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January 26, 2007
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That's right folks the 5th Annual Telepalooza will be held on January 27-28, 2007. This is the largest Telemark Festival in the Mid-Atlantic region and is held at Seven Springs, PA (www.7spring.com). Brought to you the Western PA Ski Council, 7Springs and Appalachian Telemark Association to provide the freeheeled skier clinics, races, demos, prizes and fun. More info can be found at www.telemarker.org .
Hope to turn with you there! Paul C.
PS: Its cool and snowy on the mountain (1/26) and the all the slopes and trails are open.
January 26, 2007
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I will be there to pick em' up when they fall.

Just wish I had the time to Free The Heel.
January 30, 2007
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All parties accounted for with only sore legs and big smiles at the end of the event.
Turnout was good and the student to instructor ratio was very nice with smaller classes. Instructors were Level II to two Level III examiners so the quality was excellent so you missed out while you were bagg'n and tagg'n the Alpine / Snowboard community. Sorry had to rub it in!
Everyone got swag on both days and there was even some beer left over in both barrels at the end.
Overall another fine event!
Thanks to those who did attend - we keep questioning if we should do it as we plan but at the end of the two days the feedback gets us stoked for next year (hint - some more of you patrol types need to get one of those days off for you mandatory lesson(s)).
C U up there and keep that heel free! Paul C.
January 30, 2007
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Has Scott or anyone heard directly from Mr. Nutting about new stuff at 7S? Great Western/ new high speed lifts? Gondola? Batting cages?
January 31, 2007
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Well I can't really respond for the new owners I can say the following:
o the attitude is different and change is in the wind.
o customer service is stressed even more now! With all employees required to be trained. It was good before but its better now.
o the lift at the new development is operational as promised.
o changes have been made in the ski lodge.
o they spent cash on moving snow to keep the slopes open during the rain (and the skiing was not that bad based on overall conditions).
o they focused on getting the back side open humped to make it happen.
o the new NASTAR course is a good add and more beginner / intermediate friendly - there are now 3 seperate race areas.
o The race I ran this weekend for Telepaloozia had more senior management involvement - it was the first race on the new course (committed to making it happen).
I also heard more things are going on but those would be rumors.
Send them an email and ask and see the response - I think you will get one!
Overall I'm impressed to date! Paul C.

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