Where is the blue trail at Blue KNob?
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December 24, 2003
I've been skiing at BLue KNob for many years, but have never skied this one. I've heard people talk about on the mountain and was wondering how one gets to it.
December 24, 2003
Jon, the Blue Trail at Blue Knob offered some of the finest out-of-bounds skiing on the East Coast. The area contained beautiful maples and oaks that averaged 120 years in age. The area was all open underneath without even a hint of brush or saplings; so you could ski in almost any direction. Better yet, the Blue Trail area held snow far better than any other spot on the mountain. The Blue Trail was located along the ridge to the right side (facing downhill) of Bunny Hop (now called Jack Rabbit). To get to it, you had to traverse the ridge, starting where some of the homes are located along Bunny Hop (the home owners never minded). You could exit the Blue Trail most anywhere, depending on how far down the mountain you wanted to ski. The entire Blue Trail area was brutally logged 2 Summers ago and hasn't been skiable since. The same logging contractor (currently under investigation by PA DEP) who logged the rest of the mountain also logged the Blue Trail WITHOUT a timber management plan. Of all the environmental destruction at BK, I am the most depressed about the loss of the Blue Trail; I have such fond memories of skiing deep powder in the Blue Trail area.
December 24, 2003
Sorry Jon, I got my directions reversed. I meant to say that the Blue Trail was located on the LEFT side of Bunny Hop facing downhill.
December 24, 2003
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Here is how I get to the still skiable blue trail.

When getting off the chairlift take a left after about 50 feet. ski along side the top road where the houses are across the street from you, ski this for about 100 yards. Side step across the intersection when you come to it. At this point you will be right behind the last house on the road. Go up the very small hill behind the house, then follow the path thru the woods for another 75 yards. You will come to another road, side step across. Now your at the top of the trail, it is steep at the top and sometimes moguled up.

Blue point is similar, but reguires you to turn much sooner after you get off the chairlift, your almot there when you see the blue knob state park sign on the tree. its more work to get to and requires a little but of cross country. Its not near as steep or hard. But more like a long meandering trail through the woods, there's also a couple of cool log jumps throughout the trail.

December 25, 2003
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Mucho gracias MRPLOW.
December 26, 2003
JohnL, the part of the Blue Trail that MRPLOW is talking about as being skiable is ONLY the upper most part (just downhill from the houses along Bunny Hop) of the original Blue Trail. You can't ski any appreciable distance along the ridge without running into the logging zone, which isn't skiable anymore. Once you enter the top of the Blue Trail, you now have to head back down to Bunny Hop pretty quickly in order to stay on the TINY amout of skiable terrain that is left (which wasn't logged only because a FEW acres in the area are on State Park land). This route is short and doesn't follow the original Blue Trail other than the entry point at the top.

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