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January 23, 2007
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Things apparently got much better between my visit tonight and the Colonel's over the weekend. Conditions tonight were flat out fantastic. Main St. was groomed to perfection and very fast. Absolutely no crowds, had the place to ourselves. Snowmaking was only taking place on closed trails and I am willing to bet they are close to 100 percent this weekend. Devils Drop Glades just skiers right of Face were awesome today. The moguls on the Face were the closest I have seen to a western resort in terms of quality of snow ever in the mid atlantic, very soft powder on top of nice big bumps. North camp groomers were fast and great, with the only death cookies being in the flat runouts. All and all a hell of a great night. Squirrel Cage had some massive whales on it, looked pretty fun, but i was having too much fun on the other blacks and didn't even run squirrel cage tonight. Probably got 20+ runs in in less than 5 hours of skiing.

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