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January 23, 2007
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Thinking about heading up to Snowshoe tomorrow or Thursday. I've seen lots of T-Line, Wisp, and 7 Springs Reports, but nothing lately on the Shoe. They've reported over a foot of natural snow in the past week, and have been blowing pretty steadily.

Also, how's the drive there condition-wise? I've driven it many times, but should the roads be clear?
January 23, 2007
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My father and brother were up there this past weekend and said it was in good shape considering the weather we've had. It was very windy so Cupp Run was pretty much hardpack but besides that they said the snow was pretty decnet.

My brother didn't mention any problems with the drive home though I didn't ask. In the past I've driven up during some pretty bad storms and found most of the roads to be in decent shape; I think one time I had to shift it in to 4WD-Low and creep along at 15mph for a several miles.
January 23, 2007
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It will be windy there Weds and Thurs, but Thurs will be worst (calling for gusts up to 40mph). I would probably shoot for Weds if it were me... and I am tempted, but will probably hit Wintergreen instead, just to have a shorter drive.

Edit: I wouldn't worry about the roads to SS -- there is minor snow in the forecast, but nothing major that would affect plowing/sanding. Should be OK.
January 23, 2007
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I skied there last Friday and Saturday and it was very good. They had about 40 trails open, including Cupp on Saturday at noon.

For Friday, SS had already gotten 3" of snow Thursday night and it was after they had groomed the trails. This made for some very good fresh powder skiing. To add to that, it snowed all day Friday dumping another 4" while I was there. Sweet! There were no lift lines at Silver Creek and only started having small ones at the basin around noon - but even then they were only a few minutues to wait.

For Saturday, it snowed another 3" Friday night but was groomed after the snow. Saturday morning was somewhat hard and lacked the soft snow that was there on Friday. By 2pm, the trails were getting pretty hard-packed and iced. I took a couple runs on Cupp Saturday around 1pm and both were defensive -there were just too many people on Cupp. With all those people and a solid sheet of ice on the lower headwall, took away much of the fun. Actually, the upper part of Cupp wasn't very bad around 1pm - still had soft areas.

Roads were snow covered around the lower Inn area all the way to the top village area. However, I didn't see anyone having any real difficulties driving up.

As far as snowmaking, they were blowing both days and on many trails. The way things were looking and if the weather holds out, they should soon have the majority, if not all, trails open very soon (with maybe Lower Shay being the exception).

With snow in the forecast nearly all week this week, over 44 trails now open, and aggressive snowmaking, should be some good skiing.
January 24, 2007
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Reisen, Skied there Tuesday, conditions very good, closest thing to packed powder i've seen this year. They're expecting 8-12" in the next 36 hours, hope you left already!

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