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December 24, 2003
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Well... the topic came up this weekend, and the project to upgrade the double lift at Timberline to a triple still has the green light.

Looks like sometime in January they will begin the process... if they do it at all this winter.

So why the delay? They didn't order the chairs in time. The new chairs were ordered in October... not early enough to put them on. But they are here now.

I have a feeling this won't be done this season, because on the 26th the Vader opens up for skiers, and they won't have time till spring to put new chairs on, unless they do it midweek.

Oh, and its not just as simple as stringing up the new ones and taking the old ones off. No, they have to stress test them. So, they're filling 55-gallon barrels full of water and placing one on each chair. Ain't that gonna be a hoot in the middle of winter... especially when something breaks and everybody is there to see it.

Oh well, happy holidays. Think snow!

December 24, 2003
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Wow, I really like T-Line, but that place really seems to have serious management problems. I was considering buying a condo or house there, but ...

North Conway
December 24, 2003
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On Monday I met the tech rep for the new chairs, he said he was going to be here through Sat. They were going to get a crew and assemble at the base. If I recall, the seats are coming from a second company and I don't know if they arrived yet. But if everything goes good he thought chairs might get placed mid week starting Jan 5 - 8.

On Monday a.m. my back binding blew, which forced my into the pub for the rest of the day, so the info above is cloudy, and who knows I could have been talking to Santa himself.

johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
December 24, 2003
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At this point, I think that the resort is better off holding on the upgrade. Taking Silver Queen out of service during the busy holiday period would be a mistake in my humble opinion.
December 24, 2003
north conway, so you go to Timberline for the ist time & no snow reviews? How did you like " Wildcat Light"? I know the pubs cool.
December 25, 2003
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The chairs were ordered on time. They were supposed to be there in late oct and nov. The supplier who is in Washington state, delayed and delayed, The chairs are at timberline now and they are working on getting them ready.

It's easy to blame management for everything but this was really a case of the supplier dragging their feet.


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North Conway
December 25, 2003
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As they say.....Wicked, I was impressed. I was told that t-line was the cat of WV and you didn't lead me wrong. Last Saturdays storm drop about 6- 8 inches of fresh and the conditions were great. If these are the typical conditions that t-line gets in Dec, I don't understand some of the comments made. There was no ice to be found the open trails were groomed and corduroy could be found to late a.m., trees could be run and off the wall was passable but with thin cover.

The two main runs open from the top were Salamander and white lighting. I guess salamander was long enough to spread out the crowds, there was only a few on the top part every time I came down it. If one could carry the speed, the rails could be deep and fun. White lighting was the same, not many people and rails to be had all the way down. White lighting ended my first trip to t-line. I blew my binding and had to call it quits. That brings something else nice up, the patrol. I didn't see them, but when I was on the side of white lighting trying to decide to walk or rig, three asked if I needed help. Hope to have new bindings by this Saturday and back to mtn on Sunday. It looks like the mtn should be 80 or 90 % open by next week so I cant wait to get back. Just have to deal with the numbers, but that's every mtn come this time of season.

Last weekend Crowds, what crowds, even with one lift to the top there was no wait, two three min at the most. As for the speed of the lift, its no high speed, but I like being able to rest these old legs and the challenge of having to carry on a conversation with a 12 yr old rider for more than 9 min.

What I experienced, I really liked. More to come.

December 25, 2003
There you go buddy!There is a mountain just to the south of timberline that could more than double timberline(15 min south of CV)If they dev it it would be called "ALMOST HEAVEN".You wouldn't need to freeze up in new england again,with canaan vly resort,timberline, almost heaven & all the back country with white grass, not to mention snowshoe "West by god va"would finally cut the cake!

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