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January 20, 2007
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Skied WISP today. Quite cold. Windy. Face stinging ice pellets from snow making cannons. Crowded.
Wisp was only partially open, especially on the new North Camp slopes which I skied for the first time ever. Only one beginner trail open on back side, wind blew you back uphill while you winced from the manmade blizzard. Heard some complaints about Main Street not being open despite what appeared to be tons of snow. Wisp got natural snow yesterday and last night. Guns ran all day, will run tonight and long as nature allows. DON'T BLAME THEM after the past month. Some trails got a bit overcrowded at times, lines manageable (especially since I could use the "single skier" line. Got 50% off lift ticket because I am a senior citizen...only $27. Going back tomorrow, hoping that more trails are open, not holding my breath though.
All in all, a good ski day, especially for my second of the year. Noticed my legs are sore tonight.
John L., sorry I missed you yesterday at Whitetail. Conditions at WISP vastly better than those at Whitetail yesterday. Had trouble getting a seat for dinner at several of the Deep Creek eateries. Good news for the local economy and really obvious how much the ski area keeps the economy humming during the off season.
More tomorrow. If you are in the area, look for my red ribbons on gloves...I need a wider ribbon and come ski WISP...well worth the drive.
January 22, 2007
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I noticed the same thing at 7S. It was very crowded, more like a holliday weekend than a regualr midseason weekend. I think the snow reminded some the winter is here and many went skiing, if only for the novelty .

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