Cold winter forecast for Feb. 07
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snowsmith - DCSki Supporter 
January 12, 2007
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Quote below is from Innaccuweather. If true, it could salvage our miserable ski season.

Long-range forecasting expert Bastardi points out that it's too early to say with certainty that the change in the weather pattern will be long-lasting or produce heavy amounts of snow. However, he believes that if the weather pattern reaches its full potential, the dramatic change from warmth to cold could result in "one of the top-five coldest 30-day stretches in the past half century."
January 12, 2007
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It would be the first time in a while that anybody associated with inacuweather was remotely correct....let's pray!
January 14, 2007
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I would have to say that this past weekend was one of the most depressing from a weather standpoint that I remember in my entire 30 year skiing career. It did not stop raining the entire weekend and I watched in horror as all of Hidden Valley's snow making efforts were washed away. If I remember correctly, this guy Bastardi predicted a warm start to the winter followed by a cold January in the northeast. He ain't been right yet. Today we had 38 degrees in San Diego and 55 degrees on top of Laurel Mountain. As a person who loves skiing, I am very concerned that this is the 3rd winter in a row that what normally is the coldest part of the winter has been the warmest. If this continues this website may need to become DCBIKE or DCGOLF. The horror! The horror!
Mountain Masher
January 16, 2007
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At least we've finally entered a seasonal weather pattern, which could last for several weeks. Granted, it's not going to be anywhere near record cold, but it will be cold enough for around the clock snowmaking at many ski areas. Unfortunately, 50% of the ski season is now gone, but perhaps we'll have an awesome 2nd half!
January 16, 2007
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I like the optimism in your last post.
Albeit the first part of winter is over, but I too am hoping for an awesome latter part of the season!
If Whitetail can get some base layed down this week, I'm going to see about going this weekend with my daughter and keep up the positive karma.

January 16, 2007
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Looks like the latter half of this month is going to be frigid with some predicting multiple chances for snow in the mountain areas. I have to say I like your optimism too MM. Good to hear you being upbeat.
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