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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
January 7, 2007
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I am posting the present NWS and Accuweather forecasts for Snowshoe. If correct we should have a modest turnaround.
DCSkiers...think SNOW and keep being positive!!
NWS for SNOWSHOE 4444 elevation:
Jan 7 H45 L33 Rain; Jan 8 H34, L16 Snow; Jan 9 H23 L14 Snow;
Jan 10 H26 L26; Jan 11 H43 L36; Jan 12 H43 L39; Jan 13 H45 L40; Jan 14 H 50
Jan 7 : Jan 8 H37 L20 Flurries; Jan 9 H35 L16 some Snow; Jan 10 H 34 L16; Jan 11 H43 L 22; Jan 12 H54 L29; Jan 13 H50 L29 Rain; Jan 14 H51 L31; Jan 15 H41 L11; Jan 16 H30 L15; Jan 17 H33 L14; Jan 18 H30 L16; Jan 19 H30 L9; Jan 20 H25 L8; Jan 21 H26 L18.
Might not be perfect but it sure beats the last 20 days or so.
The Colonel
January 7, 2007
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CK out Mid Jan on...anybody hear that anywhere? Those Temp comparisons are interesting. They show that Accuweather uses a much lower elevation Than snowshoe to factor in the can see where they have much colder lows leading up to the mid jan cold snap...that shows the inversion at lower alts. The temps at SS will be colder than accu's F-cast once the cold settles in & the Mountains start to behave like Mtns...Colder on top than at the bottom!

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