Night at Timberline
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North Conway
December 18, 2003
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We plan on being at the mtn for the next two weeks or so. Will the mtn open night trails over this time frame? New to mtn and area.

They tell me Timberline is the wild cat of WV. Just give me snow, forget the show.


December 18, 2003
The mtn is nice.The snow is great for the mid atlantic.The view from canaan hts on a clear day looking down on a snow filled valley & up at timberline & canaan vly ski areas is tops (no mt washington But nice indeed)No moose but plenty of friendly deer.The atmosphere at the bottom with the smell of bar-b-q is sweet,BUT thats how they try to keep you off the slow lifts.
johnfmh - DCSki Columnist
December 18, 2003
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Hey North Conway:

Timberline is indeed the Cat of the WV. Enjoy the trees...

December 19, 2003
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The only thing T-Line doesn't have is the great CLAM CHOWDA of W'Cat!

The best I ever had

December 19, 2003
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T-line doesn't commence night skiing until the 26th.
North Conway
December 19, 2003
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Still have family up north, maybe I'll have them send down a few gallons of CHOWDA and turn T-line into the Cat for us.................or at least for an hour or so.

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