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December 26, 2006
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Ok here is another first for me. These are a couple quick and dirty videos. The first is a top to bottom run at smugglers. I tried to fasten a small digital camera to my coat but it flopped around some. It flips over for about 25 sec.s but I turn it over right before I take a hop around a couple trees. The second is my sons first day on the fun box.

Sterling run

The Jump!!
December 27, 2006
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... sort of avant garde ... the turmoil of the sky against the calm of the cruzin' run ....hmmm you should come to Park City UT and bring the film for Sundance!
JimK - DCSki Columnist
December 27, 2006
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Not sure you'll get any academy awards for cinematography, but I did get 5 minutes of vicarious schussing. I wonder how much vert that run was good for, about 1500 feet?
December 29, 2006
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I'm not sure, but your close. Madonna mt. which is slightly higher has 2610ft of vertical. So I think Sterling mt. would be some where between 1500 ansd 2100.

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