Liberty closed until wednesday 12/27
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December 23, 2006
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Ski Liberty gave up the ghost this afternoon and will try to re-open midweeek if the promised cold nights appear.

Meanwhile, I am contemplating a third stone grind since December 1 after 5 days at Killington and finding many rocks there.

Its ugly. Time to sacrifice Bob Ryan to the snow/cold weather gods.
December 23, 2006
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Whitetail gave it a valiant try today, but also closed as of 5PM until more snowmaking occurs. The groomers did an incredible job making lanes on Angel Drop and Snow Park, but the meltage today was just too great. Given what's left and what condition it's in, we are going to need at least a couple of nights of snowmaking to get reopened.

The 100 or so paying customers who came to the mountain today were treated to blue skies, soft snow and no lines. The first timers I taught today had fantastic success due to the easy conditions. Although I had to pay attention to where I went, I did not hit a single rock all day. (and yes I know that's even harder to believe than excuses for only 2 inches of snowmaking)
December 24, 2006
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As far as I can tell, Massanutten is still going, although they did have to close upper rebel yell (at least, according to thier website).

I did not bother to go up there this weekend, so I don't know first-hand what the conditions are actually like. I am due to be up there next weekend (30/31/1), so hopefully, they can get more snow up on the hill (although the forcasted rain for Christmas does not make things look promising ). Looks like the temps are supposed to cool off a bit, though after Christmas, even with a chance of snow up there on Tuesday.

Yeah, it was 70 here in Fredericksburg as well.

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