A Better Answer for the Snowshoe/Slatyfork Plant
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December 21, 2006
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Hi Folks,

The 12/21 Pocahontas Times published a letter from Eight Rivers Safe Development, Inc. which describes "immersed membrane technology" as an alternative to constructing a new treatment facility. Eight Rivers' letter is in response to Snowshoe General Manager Bill Rock's earlier letter claiming there was no other "effective answer" than the construction of a new sewage treatment facility.

8RiversSafeDevelopment.com: A Better Answer

Thanks, and take care - and Merry Christmas! :-)

December 22, 2006
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Thanks David. That was interesting and informative. And once again proves there is more than one way to skin a cat (or politician)
January 3, 2007
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You bet Roy. :-)


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