liberty whitetail or roundtop
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December 15, 2006
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I have free expo tickets that need to be used this weekend Wuddya think, liberty, whitetail or roundtop. It seems kinda a crap shoot.... but mostly looking at open terrain, crowds, and snow. A decision for the indecisive?
JimK - DCSki Columnist
December 16, 2006
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I don't think crowds are going to be an issue with the warm temps. I heard Whitetail was in relatively good shape last weekend?
December 19, 2006
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Last weekend was my first weekend at Whitetail. I only got a few runs off the top, but the coverage was most commendable considering the temps. No dings. Great spring conditions.
Roger Z
December 19, 2006
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Great spring conditions.

It's gotta hurt to write that on December 18th. It hurts just reading it.
December 19, 2006
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Even Wisp's cameras show spring corn on the hill. Just the other week it was a soft powdery winter wonderland. Now, it's a wet green and white mush. *sigh*

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