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December 13, 2006
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Catchy subject eh? I've noticed as things age they sometimes lose their ability to perform .

I'm wondering about sunscreen. What do you all use; does anyone know if it become less effective after a season or two?
December 13, 2006
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and with that topic title, here I thought you were talking about your little blue friend.
December 13, 2006
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Sun screen supposedly does have a shelf life...not sure what the average would be. I think bottles are stamped with an expiration date.

I can tell you what not to use. Many years ago at the age of 12, on my first trip out West, skiing at A-Basin, I thought I would help my chapped lips out and put Vaseline on them. They literally blistered. To about 4 times their normal size. Not fun at all. Vaseline actually amplifies the sun. Who knew. Not me, obviously.
December 13, 2006
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Keep in mind as you ascend in altitude you need to up the SPF. The more intense sun and thinner atmosphere all contribute to easier burning. If you use an 8 at sea level you probably want to aim for maybe a 12+ in the mountains. That said this really applies more as you get to places like CO.

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