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December 11, 2006
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While at SS this weekend, I talked with an employee there and below is what I was told (Also don't kill the messager here - I'm only stating what I was told and I have not verified any of its accuracy. )

1. Snowshoe has obtained permits for future trail expansion

2. New slope-side homes are being built over at the new Soaring Eagle complex

3. New trails are to be cut starting spring 2007

4. Trails will consist of:
One black
One blue
Three greens

5. The new high speed lift is slightly longer than the old one (extended a few feet lower)

6. Other:
a. Most often request is to cut a totally new trail on Western Territory (not another dump on Lower Cupp). A trail from top all the way down to the lift.

b. I also asked about a replacement to the PowderMonkey lift - a quad is needed to ease congestion on Northern side and to get to Western Territory. Person stated they haven't heard anything but agreed a quad was needed.

c. Soaring Eagle lift was 2 years away but with $$ help from Soaring Eagle folks (donation) - they were able to put it in early.

d. Housing was done prior to trail expansion to bring in more people who then bring in more $$ that helps pay expense.

Again, all this is what I was told but it has NOT been confirmed/verified.

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