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December 8, 2006
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I skied today. Got there around 9:30, got on the slopes by 11. Skied a good 10 - 15 runs.

Tyrol, Wagner, Stowe, Stowe Trail, Cortina, Upper Phillips. Fawn and Santa's Beard Park were open. They should have Avalanche by tomorrow and they were starting to blow on N Face. With the warm weather that is coming over the next 10 - 12 days I think that they will concentrate on building the base on the front before they go hog wild on the back.

As for the skiing it was pretty darn good for opening day on mostly man made snow. Skiers left of Wagner was money. Stowe was good also. I stayed away from Tyrol, they were blowing snow on it, and I do not ski in guns unless I have to. I am not a park rat but they had a few rails and a picnic bench along with a small table top in the park. The kids seemed to be having fun. They have a dedicated park crew this year for the first time I believe so the parks may be better than ever.

Crowds were more than I expected. While there was no wait for the chairs most chairs on the six pack and on Cortina had folks on them.

The new lift for the condo's is not done as of yet. They strung the cable yesterday so it may be ready soon.

I will be back up Sunday and I cannot wait!
December 10, 2006
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They opened Avalanche today. The snow was good alday on the frontside in spring conditions.
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December 11, 2006
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SpringsReg and tromano, sorry I missed you, I was pulling into the parking lot at 9:15 and skiing at 11. My wife and son decided to join me so I was late departing. I did see Taylormatt with a private early in the day though.

I spent the early runs on Philips and Fawn before moving my boy over to Cortina/lower Stowe. We closed the day on Wagner from the top, skiing the tree patch and playing slalom between the boarder groups that sat scattered across the top of the run. Despite the easy runs (are there any other kinds at 7S?) I'm feeling my legs today.

The conditions were as good as machine made gets with nary a rock or bare spot. The day was glorious. We had lunch on the deck overlooking the beginners bowl. My wife commented on the western like weather, feeling a bit nostalgic for Utah bluebird days. All in all, it was a pleasant opening day for Western PA.

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