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December 1, 2006
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How practical would it be to mount my old alpine skis with tele bindings for lift served skiing? Skis: Volkl V3 carver 170 length, iirc 67 waist. Skier: beginner.
December 1, 2006
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If your skis are really stiff (race skis) you may not like it. However, any alpine all mountain/carving ski will work for a beginner learning to drop a knee. I don't know any specifics about your skis, as I have not bought alpine equipment for a long time. Welcome to the dark side.
December 1, 2006
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So Jimmy, you're really gonna do it? Let me know how goes it and I'll probably join you if the experience is pleasant.
December 1, 2006
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Do it. For Volkls, those are nice and light, and ought respond well to emergency parallel moves. 22m for 177cm, IIRC, so you're talking maybe a little bit less than that. Did they have Motion on them? You'll might be able to save a few grams there.
December 2, 2006
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Free the Volkls! Of course with alpine (or modern telemark) skis you will need some plastic boots, At least T2s or similar. I always recommend safety release bindings unless you are on back-country touring skis/leather boots.

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