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December 15, 2003
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I remeber that there were various questions about where specificly AH could be liocated. My question is... of the choices which offer the most continuous falline vertical feet. What area resorts currently offer the single largest vertical in continuous fall line. Cupp isnt 1500" continuous right? Just thinking about it. Thanks
December 15, 2003
Tromano- Cupp run is a solid 1500 vert.& here is a quote from the future "MPC RULES!!!"
Roger Z
December 16, 2003
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Tromano take a look at the Sept 30 article on DCSki:

Believe Porte Crayon is the biggest continuous vertical spot that Bill Bright is looking at, though no one knows what his other two sites are. Vertical potential of 2500 feet, but more than likely less than that if built on MPC. Still, if he built there, the vertical would almost certainly be greater than Cupp Run.

Of course if you REALLY want vertical, you could build in southern NC. Jackson Hole style verticals that would be open about once every five years.

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