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December 15, 2003
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I was at wisp this past weekend for the $7 Days. The conditions were very good saturday with great soft conditions on nearly all the open slopes. The squirel cage, and face slopes had the best conditions given the plentiful newer snow. The conditions were soft and there wasn;t a hint of ice.

The exception to the good conditions was Boulder Run which was very icy after lunch. Most intermed terrain is concentrated in the top section of the mountain. However Boulder is the *Only* available path to the bottom for blue cruisers from the front side. When they open additional trails this will be aleviated somewhat. But boulder is constantly the tril with the worst conditions because of the excessive trafic and lack of intermediate options to the front side of the mountain.

December 15, 2003
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I justwanted to say in conclusion that the conditions were very good. And that I got my moneys worth for $7 perday. If every resort had early season conditions this good they wouldn't call it early season, it would be prime time.
December 15, 2003
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I was also at Wisp on Sunday - I agree - those first couple hours on Sunday morning were sweet! 8inches of powder for $7!! dont forget the 47cent hot dogs they had for lunch!
December 16, 2003
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I was at Wisp this past weekend, Fri-Sun. I agreed with tromano's comments. It was windy at times on Friday and Saturday. Snowmaking machines were gunning pretty much nonstop during the past weekend. The temp was in the 10s and 20s. Not much of blue skys to admire though. Chair 1,2, and 3 open. I left the area on Sunday around 1pm. I lost count of how many vehicles that end up in the ditches along the highway I-68/I-70.
December 16, 2003
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I went to wisp Monday and it was incredible. No lift lines until noon. Powder all over the place. Devils Drop was incredible, the best i've ever seen it. It usually has nice powder on it after a snow but with a bunch of hidden ice moguls underneath the wind smoothed fresh snow. Makes for some nice surprises. This time it was flawless. After noon though it got crazy with people and without the East Ridge, Wisp trail, or some of the blue trails open yet there was always the nice mix of falling, out of control newbies and the experts blowing down Longview and onto Possum. Made for some nice sound effects as people were weaving and cursing and the like. One of my friends that was there was a first time boarder and got jumped by another boarder while she was down on possum...Brave, funny, or stupid, you decide.

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