Went to Seven Springs last night....
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December 13, 2003
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What's Hot:
-Polar Bear Express Lift
-Starting gates like at a horse race for this lift
-really wide slopes
-powdery snow
-no lift lines ever
-expansive lodge
-North Face
-fairly easy ski rental

What's Not:
-snowmaking machines
-the creek running underneath the base and showing on Phillip's Run
-unimpressive vertical
-the kid who lost control and skiied through the wooden fence at the bottom of Tyrol Lift and landed behind the lift's counterweight
-the PA Turnpike/trucks
-exorbitant food costs
-all of the trails from the top of the North Face and Express lifts being closed for 5-10 minutes as the lifts dumped people into a small area while groomers passed by

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