Wintergreen blowing snow?
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November 21, 2006
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i heard a rumor.
November 21, 2006
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November 21, 2006
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I would love to know exactly "when" they fired up the guns last night. My wife and I entered their contest to guess when snowmaking starts for a free season pass, and we picked last night. She guessed 10pm (Mon night), I guessed 12am (Tues morning). I suppose if one of us won we would have heard by now, so it looks like I will be shelling out $$ for a pass after all. Still, I am real curious to see how close we came. The deadline for submittals was Nov 11, so we really had to sift through the tea leaves to make the prediction. I'm happy that we pegged the right night, now I want to know how many hours we were off -- need to refine my guessing skills for next year!

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