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November 18, 2006
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I have just joined the Penn State Ski Team and need a pair of skis that will work well for racing in both GS and slalom. I ideally want a pair of skis that will work for both categories that i can buy used or new (older model). I am looking at a pair of Atomic SL 11's, 165cm long and have Atomic Neox 6-14 DIN bindings that one of the older members of the team is selling used but am not sure if a ski like that which is made specifically for SL will work for GS.

i am pretty lost on this issue so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
November 18, 2006
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hey congrats! Generally, my race coach(s) have always said a good race slalom sk in the right length for you (that is, don't go one size longer) these days will do both.

I have found it to be true ... go Atomic if you can. They will handle any race speeds in GS for the stuff you are doing. Volkl stuff is good too. If you can get race stock all the better but watch out ... they'll give ya' a learnin' but on the other hand you'll *know* when you are skiing technically correct.

Also, get some good padding like the ones Spyder sells ... it will reduce the black and blue from smaking gates. And wear a beannie cap under your hemet when a break-away smacks your helmet it will take some of the sting off. And DEFINTELY get a teeth-guard or face guard for your helmet. I got tired of getting wacked in the face in SL.

.. and get a Reliable Racing catalog ... all kinds of good stuff in there.

And have fun!
November 20, 2006
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I have no idea what the NCAA (even club teams if that's what Penn State has) rules are, but at least for USSA racing, once you're 15, you can't ski a slalom lenth/radius in GS (but I think you can do the reverse).
Denis - DCSki Supporter 
November 20, 2006
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Agree that it is best to check the rules first. My daughter raced for UVA in the mid 90s and at that time they were in the same conference with Penn State and it was NCSA not NCAA. NCAA = big time, scholarships, pressure on the athletes. NCSA = little guys, no sholarships, no pressure, fun. BTW I got this capsule analysis from a U Utah ski team racer in an impromptu lift ride conversation. I know my daughter had a great time and that the kids on the team coached themselves and were classed by the university as a club sport. The top 5 guys & top 5 girls got free lift tickets and lodging on road trips. Therefore I suspect that the rules for the conference that Penn State competes in may be fairly relaxed, but you still better find out. From a ski standpoint, it is fairly easy to make a slalom ski serve decently for GS and difficult if not impossible to make a GS ski serve well for slalom. Of course, nobody on the World Cup, where races are decided by hundredths of a second, is doing it.
November 20, 2006
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I think you are correct dennis about our conference opposed to NCAA. Like you said there is a top group of 5 girls and 5 guys that constitutes out "A" team then a B team that are kinda the alternates then the "C" or everyone else team. Unless you are on a or b (my fist year at it so i will not be) i do not believe there are any requirements for skis.

Thanks for the advice everyone and ill make sure to post reports on our season once it gets underway (january)!
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