DCSkiers Meet via walkie-talkies?!!
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The Colonel - DCSki Supporter 
November 15, 2006
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A related thread in the resorts section made me think that one way we DCSkiers could try to meet up at any mountain is to have a specific radio channel/section that we agree upon in advance of a ski season. Then an occassional "holler" might get you another DCSkier and a meeting can be arranged.
Sound like a good idea???
The Colonel
November 15, 2006
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I really like that idea. As silly as it sounds at first, if you think about it, It would be effective- Given we come up with the same channel, and something to yell.

Worst thing that could happen- A few people think youre extrememly odd, and nobody responds.
November 16, 2006
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I like the idea but it's so random it's going to be hard to work it. The only thing I would add to it to make it more effective would be to preselect 2 or three times a day where you broadcast your message for example 9am, 12noon and say 3pm. Tune to the channel for 10 minutes and see who pops up.
November 16, 2006
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Channel 11 'coz there's 11 pages in the Untopic?

Subcode 2 just to be different?

I vote we holler out whenever we're in a lift line.

Ski and Tell

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