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November 5, 2006
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Scott, The harshest language I used was Jerk,Joker & whimpafolic, I was attacked in a much more vicious manner. You make the rules & you let "the other party" have the last word which was unfair in its own right. I tried to calm things down after the 1st warning & could have really ripped someones (.......) but didn't. I feel that DCSKI Should involve Discussions of a variety of subjects Regarding DC & the Mid Atlantic in General...Politics is a major part of the DCSKIERS Life. If presented in a proper manner all subjects should be entertained. My gosh, I have heard much worse anti Kid/Family stuff that is let Slide here! Delete the abusers posts not the whole thread! This was a wholesome argument That affects the future of the Good Ole USA...Which will eventually affect our ski areas. I felt that my last post was setting the record sraight & the fact that you deleted it will possible Demean my future posts. This place is fun & I will continue to post as long as can!
November 5, 2006
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Politics's all about bashing someone one wants to talk about solutions...they just want to take sides and bash...when I vote in Tucker County next tuesday it will be based solely on the lesser of two evils...and the vote will have a huge impact on skiing...oh yes...tourism/recreation vs industry or atleast give tourism/recreation a chance...whenever I see or hear an add that bashes the other candidate and then says "I'm so and so ""insert any rich ol' dirty b#$$$@#"" and I support this add" and that add goes on to bash the other candidate I get sick to my stomach and think I'm going to have to vote for one of these idiots...

....I tell you what... right me in on Tuesday and I'll promise free skiing for all, make it illegal to groom on powder days, and won't bash a single person along the way..."my name is Tucker and I support this add, and this add ain't been paid for by nobody, because we ain't makin money...we're out rippin' it up!!!
November 5, 2006
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I'm pretty sure this should have been posted in the letters to the editor forum, Andy. My take on the Al Gore thread was that I usually don't like threads like that but after reading through there were a number of really funny posts which were worth reading. I even posted at the end.

Its interesting that Scott's response is on the top of every forum. I am curious if people have actually complained about the Al Gore thread and that prompted the thread closing. --Tim
November 5, 2006
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Hey hey hey ... Scott, our unknown master has some pretty good rules set out there for DCSKI .. IMHO let's not only give some respect but props to the man. What other dumb f&*k would burn up both brain power and costly dev/IT time plus invest personal resources for a bunch of loosers like us. This is ....



Now ... what we want to know is the policy on posting pics of naked chicks? Or of guys showin' for the ladies? Or any random Dave Chapelle video?

Give me the rulz , Scott!!! Can we post-up like on ??!?!?!?!

P.S. - Vote this Tuesday!


And PPS ... Dayum those new Atomic Snoop Daddy's are sweet ... see that's SKI SH.. err STUFF!

/// PPS - 2 bad they don't come with spinners .... hmmmm that's an idea!


November 8, 2006
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WUT the algore thread is gone???? I read the last posts on that one, and u no what?? where's the rasta patrol when u need them? where's winter when you need it? someone had to stop it i guess but a good hijack would've been better than "scott the unknown master" having to pull the plug.... found yourself some new atomics eh?

Tromano is right that was a pretty good thread even had some stuff in there about skiing but i got a little confused by the coloquialisms historical references and geneological inferences there at the end.

I voted today uh yesterday, can't remember if i'm red or blue.
Roger Z
November 8, 2006
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I voted six times. Just kept driving around to different polling places in MO and KS and pulling the ol' lever. I just randomly picked candidates. I'd count up the R/D tally and everytime the Rs came out ahead I'd have a shot of whiskey, every time the Ds came out ahead I had a beer. It was a great drinking game, really. I think more people should engage in voter fraud drinking games!!!
November 8, 2006
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893 posts I wrote myself in for everything...but apparently noone else wanted free skiing....I just hope we can still all join together and challenge this horrific injustice which it is the grooming on powder days!!!!
Roger Z
November 8, 2006
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Sorry Tucker. We had electronic ballots out here. I couldn't figure out how to write your name in. Besides, I don't think you'd want to be governor of Kansas anyway. It's a little known secret that Kansas is not as mountainous and rugged as the state flag suggests. Also, our ocean frontage is slightly smaller than what you see on the flag.

And here is a slightly more modest version of our state flag. My girlfriend thinks that maybe the flag was drawn by an Oklahoman.
November 8, 2006
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Just from the replies in this thread it sounds to me like it was probably right.

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