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Scott - DCSki Editor
November 5, 2006
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I think it's time to remind DCSki forum participants about a few simple-to-follow ground rules.

- DCSki is not a forum for heated political discussions. There are countless other forums on the Internet specifically for that. When discussions stray too far from skiing, things tend to go downhill (OK, pun, sorry).

- DCSki has zero tolerance for personal attacks on the forums, and language that is not "family friendly." DCSki is a family site, and there are children who regularly read the forums.

- If you can't abide by these simple rules, please do not post to DCSki. Although these types of discussions sometimes appeal to a small group of readers, they drive an even larger group of readers away from the site.

I reviewed the recent "Al Gore needs to visit Canaan Valley" thread and counted at least a dozen examples where these rules were clearly violated. The thread didn't seem salvageable so I had to disable it. I do not want to be message forum cop, so please keep these guidelines in mind when posting -- I do not think they're too much to ask.

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