7S update (actual news)
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October 22, 2006
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I just wen mtn biking up at 7S for the first time last weekend. The trails up there are awesome and I had alot of fun. I am noob biker and bushwacker helped kick my butt the first day. See you next saturday!

One potentially interesting thing I noticed is that they have just recently widend the corkscrew trail. You know the switchbacks between goodbumps and avalanche. Its been widend to ~15 ft and graded pretty smooth too, seeded, Hmmm... I wonder why they would be working on a bike trial in october? hmm... its a mystery.

The signs are up. Corkscrew is now marked as blue square for skiing. Haven't seen any mention of it elsewhere so here u go.
October 23, 2006
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It's nice to see this lost trail return! This used to be a classic PA ski area goat path that could only exist in the days before personal injury lawyers. Narrow, Icy and almost impossible to make a turn on! I'm sure it will be more fun in version 2.0.
October 24, 2006
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where is Corkscrew located?
October 24, 2006
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between avalanche and goosebumps, and IMO they spoiled it. Me and my friend use to race down this all the time last year. Narrow and riddle with log and rocks = fun.
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