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October 19, 2006
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Hey everyone,

I normally don't do this very often, but due to the nature of the SaveLostRiver.org situation I'm requesting everyone's help.

Currently as many of you know from reading the SaveLostRiver.org website or from my posts on here, we are trying to prevent the condemnation of land (via eminent domain) and construction of the Lower Cove Dam also known as Lost River Site #16. This dam would take 275-300 acres of my family's land, our home, and land of 8 more families for a 55 acre fishing lake. The cost is approximately $24 million of YOUR FEDERAL tax dollars.

However the NRCS who conducted the Environmental Impact Statement is claiming final design of the dam wouldn't be completed for 2-3 more years. But, they are pushing HARD for the Potomac Valley Soil Conservation District to vote in November to approve the condemnation process BY CHRISTMAS!! This means my family could be EVICTED from our homes by the Christmas season for a dam that by their own admission is another 2 years off!!!

I'm not here to solicit for money, but I'm simply asking for everyone here to send in a letter to the appropriate politicians voicing your OPPOSITION to this dam. If you are interested I will add your email address to our newsletter email list which I will send out late this evening that contains the appropriate addresses to send letters too.

It is imperative that people from around the country send in letters! You may feel free to email be at bawalker@savelostriver.org with your email address. The deadline for these letters and comments is OCT 25!!


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