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October 18, 2006
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I'm working on putting together a page on my website about Laurel Mountain. I'm hoping for it to be sort of a clearinghouse of information about the resort. Sort of my own personal "Save LM" campaign"

In addition to having links to relevant news articles and my own editorials, I'm hoping to have pictures from the mountain and maybe a few anecdotes and reviews. Anyone with good pictures from the resort of interesting or funny stories and comments and would be willing to contribute, please email me: adamsj2008 (at) gmail dot com
October 27, 2006
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The website and blog have been completed and content is started to be added. The website, which can be found at isn't much more than a picture and a link to the blog, but I hope to post links to any and all relevant news articles on that page.

If you'd like to bypass that page, you can go straight to the blog at

As of right now, the blog is pretty much empty. There's a post introducing myself and sort of explaining my intentions, but that's it. I hope to in the future post links and commentary on relevant news articles and post my own editorials about issues regarding the mountain. But, as you all know, there isn't too much activity going on so there's not too much to post about.

Currently, I've got some great information about the resort, some great historical references that have been posted here and other places, but I'm still trying to obtain rights to actually use that info on my own website.

So please, read and enjoy the little that there is, I'll certainly be adding more as the days and weeks go by, and be sure to share the link/address with every skier you know.

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