Lost Ski Areas
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October 16, 2006
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Does LM qualify for an inclusion in the "Lost Ski Areas"?

Seems all the nice stuff said about past memories of HV make the resort headed for the "Lost Ski Areas" also (in a positive way), even though the slopes appear to technically be open the coming season.
October 17, 2006
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You really take great joy seeing others in distress, don't you?

I can't wait for the day when some one/company comes in and rescues either HV and/or LM from their current plight and either or both become the resorts their capable of being or once was so I can say actually say/write to you, "nah, nah nah, nah nah, nah!!!"
October 17, 2006
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As long as the lifts are running its all good.

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